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After purchase license, you can easy active your KingComposer Pro via the panel setting. Firstly, you must login to your account at the. Go to My Account menu, you can see your dashboard with list of order and your license.

Licenses box after login


1. Auto verify

If you purchased Commerce Package or Developer Package, then you can use your license key for unlimited websites. In case you want to deliver your theme including KC Pro, the auto-verify will help you.
  • Step 1: Register your theme to work with your license key


    Register themes to work with license (Apply for Commerce Package & Developer Package)

  • Step 2: Define your key in your theme functions.php


2. Manual verify

Copy your key then switch back to your website then go to KingComposer > Kc Pro Settting then switch to Product License tab. Paste your license key there and press Verify Purchase Code Kingcomposer license key

Product License tab to enter license key

You will got screen if key is valid.

Kingcomposer license key valid

License key valid

If license key is not invalid

Kingcomposer license invalid

License key invalid