Available Param Types Join KC discussion

  1. text : Returns an input text
  2. hidden : Returns a hidden parameter
  3. random : Returns a hidden parameter with the random value ( the value will be changed every editing session)
  4. textarea : Returns a textarea with data which has been encoded by Base64. To get content: Use the code line base64_decode( $value ) 
  5. select : Returns a select dropdown (With the required "Options" parameter)
  6. dropdown : The same as Select
  7. textarea_html : Returns HTML content which can be edited by Wordpress Editor
  8. multiple : Returns a selection list and allows you to select multiple options (With the required "Options" parameter)
  9. checkbox : Returns a list of input checkboxes (With the required "Options" parameter)
  10. radio : Returns a list of input radio buttons (With the required "Options" parameter)
  11. attach_image : Allows you to upload a single image from WP Media ( return ID of attachment )
  12. attach_image_url : Allows you to upload single image from WP Media ( return URL of image )
  13. attach_images : Allows you to upload multiple images from WP Media ( return IDs of attachments )
  14. color_picker : Returns an input color with color picker
  15. icon_picker : Returns an icon list and allows you to pick up an icon
  16. date_picker : Returns a calendar selector
  17. google_map : Returns a map API
  18. number_slider: Returns a drag number slider, with config step, min and max number can drag
  19. link : Returns WP-Link which helps you build a link
  20. post_taxonomy : Returns a selection of all available post-types
  21. group : Returns a group of multiple parameters. You can read more about Group Fields.

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