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Since version 2.6.8

The method kc_prebuilt_template($name, $xml_path) helps including export *.xml to KingComposer Templates Library, Then you or your customers can easily use that templates for any page/post/post-type. it also allows the use of template settings such as: body class, max width, custom CSS, thumbnail.

Especial, All images still can work with the urls which have been exported in .xml file. You do not need to export and import attachments with wasted hours.

Step 1. Build your templates with KingComposer

Build all your templates by KingComposer before export to *.xml file and don’t forget to add screenshot for each.


Step 2. Export your templates to *.xml file

Use export tool of WordPress to export the content type to file, you also can export all contents.


Step 3. Add export file to KingComposer

After download the export file, copy it to your theme/plugin. Then use this code below to add


Step 4. Expiration time definition for external images (default is forever)

Too many requests from your customers site to your server? Don’t worry about it. Because you can set time limit for images from your server in prebuilt templates.