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Relation method is used to link two or multiple parameters together. You can set a parameter shown or hidden depending on another parameter. For example, the parameter "Stretch Option" will be displayed when the parameter "Full Width" has been checked. KingComposer relation params


    'name'        => 'background-image-option',
    'label'       => 'BG Image?',
    'type'        => 'checkbox',
    'description' => 'Do you want to use background image?',
    'options'     => array( 'yes' => 'Yes, Please!' )
    'name'     => 'background-image',
    'label'    => 'Upload Image',
    'type'     => 'attach_image_url',
    'relation' => array(
        'parent'    => 'background-image-option',
        'show_when' => 'yes'
        // 'hide_when' => 'yes'
        // hide_when has the opposite effect
        // NOTICE: Only use one show_when or hide_when in the same time
        // 'show_when' => 'yes,ok,right'
        // 'show_when' => array( 'yes', 'ok', 'right' )

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