Locate Your Section Profiles Join KC discussion

This method allows you to locate and import external sections to the system automatically. For example, if you build several sections in a WordPress theme and you want to deliver these samples to the customers, this method will help you do it perfectly. You can read this article to learn more about Section Profiles.


	$kc->locate_profile_sections( $sections_path );   


locate_profile_sections( THEME_PATH.'/business_sections.kc' );
    // Register your profile sections, then users can download to offline data to install

    // You can register multiple paths




You can do it manually by copying the files within OLD-SITE/wp-content/kc-sections/ folder to NEW-SITE/wp-content/kc-sections/ folder. Notice: Make sure that you uploaded your offline sections already, then your sections will be created as files in YOUR-SITE/wp-content/kc-sections/ folder.