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add_map() method enables you to add a new shortcode to KingComposer, then you can use it as an element of KingComposer builder.




  1. Name [string]: Displays the shortcode name in the list of items.
  2. Description [string]: ]: Displays additional statement.
  3. Category [string]: Groups elements into a tab.
  4. Title [string]: Element title which will be displayed on popup editor.
  5. Icon [string]: Class name to display as element icon.
  6. Admin_view [string]: Removes this option if you don’t need it. Read about admin_view.
  7. Views [array]: Removes this option if you don’t need it. Read about Views.
  8. Is_container [boolean]: The default value is false. The container shortcode should be inserted into [name]shortcode[/name] and the single shortcode should be inserted into [name param=”shortcode“]
  9. Css_box [boolean]: The default value is false. It allows you to add CSS via editting popup.
  10. System_only [boolean]:The default value is false. The elements are used in the system only, they aren’t shown on the list of elements. For example shortcode [tab].
  11. Nested [boolean]: Allows add another elements inside your element.
  12. Assets [array]: Only load scripts and styles when using this element.
  13. accept_child|accept_parent|except_child|except_parent [string]: Restrictive element inside nested elements.
  14. Filter [string]: PHP Function. You can use this method to filter any shortcodes before executing. Read more about Shorcode Filter
  15. Params [array]: Registers parameters for shortcode.
    • params > name [slug]: Uses it as an ID of parameter (slug string)
    • params > label [string]: Label on editing.
    • params > type [string]: Please check all of Available Param Types.
    • params > value [string]: Default value for this parameter, Remove this if you do not need default value.
    • params > options [array]: List of options for some parameter types such as select, radio, checkbox..etc..
    • params > relation [array]: Creates the relationship between parameters. For example if the parameter A is set yes, parameter B will be displayed.


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