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Thank you for choosing our product. We at King-Theme are confident that you will be satisfied with KingComposer – a powerful Wordpress Page Builder plugin with an exclusive 0-second delay feature, even on heavy-content websites. If you have any questions beyond the scope of this guide, or suggestions regarding to our products and services, please feel free to Share It With Us. KingComposer appearance looks like an advanced editor. It works on pages, posts or any custom post-types of any themes. No more boredom, this plugin makes your building content process quickly and more enjoyable than ever! King Composer getting started

Some of the key features:

  1. UI has been coded with Native JS to get the highest performance.
  2. Unlimited Containers that one element fits into another like the Russian Matryoska dolls: Tabs in the tabs, a row in a row, etc. You can create as many container levels as you want.
  3. No Ajax: : All operation will be executed in 0-second time delay, even on heavy-content websites.
  4. Copy, Cut, Double Elements & Rows
  5. Flexible Columns: Supports from 1 to 6 columns layout; double content of the last column, arrange and re-size the columns.
  6. KC Box – All-In-One element that saves a lot of time for users.
  7. Work With Widgets Compatibility:Work With all 36 default WordPress widgets and elements, as well as any widgets from 3rd-party plugins.
  8. Sections Manager: You can create a layout of group of items. Then save, share, install or deliver it to your customers.
And a lot of other features ahead waiting for you!

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